Introducing MycoIndia Journal of Indian Fungi
MycoIndia Journal of Indian Fungi is a premier open-access, peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to the field of mycology with a particular focus on fungal studies relevant to India. It serves as a repository for a wide array of scholarly articles including original research, comprehensive reviews, concise communications, and letters, all of which explore the realms of fungal diversity, ecology, phylogeny, and taxonomy.

Reasons to Choose MycoIndia for Publication
Open Access Policy: Ensures unrestricted access to your scholarly work. Zero Publication Fees: Offers an opportunity to publish without incurring any costs. Swift Publication Process: Guarantees a rapid yet quality-centric review phase. Distinguished Editorial Board: Comprises global specialists who provide a thorough and rigorous review. Wide-ranging Exposure: Enhances the visibility and impact of your research on a global scale.

For manuscript submissions or further inquiries, please reach out to [email protected].